Enhancement to the Pub Rooms Directory website listing pages.

The website is built in WordPress and the brief was to enable users a more detailed page that encouraged the user to take action ‘To make a booking’

This is how the core theme listing page looks before any Pub Room enhancement

The standard template lacked features that we requre for our members including a stronger call to action, listing room types that are available and more detailed information regarding the property.

Here is my detailed wireframe.

Listing Page Enhancements include:

  • Secondary nav area that links to that part of the page.
  • Booking widget on the right.
  • Feature box on the right.
  • Room types pulled through API with book now button and a from nightly rate.
  • Bistro & Function section highlighting the Hotel features and offering.
  • Detailed contact information + logo and map area.

Second phase enhancement includes an update to the home page. Wireframe created in Balsamiq