About me

I see myself as a Designer & Creator.
Design process guided by requirements, function, and aesthetics.
Conscious designer – a developed appreciation for long lasting quality.
Colour and composition.
Texture and layout.
Flow and adaptable.
Not fussy, clean and clear.
Aligned and centred.
Glass half full.
In it for the long run.

Like love

Music, beats, and rhythm.
Inspired by nature.
Fashion style, elegant, not fussy. Timeless.
Bingeworthy Netflix.
A pretty Instagram feed.
Delicious meal with my special people.

Tools of the trade

All things Adobe.
MailChimp / Campaign Monitor.
Balsamiq / Xd
Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter.
Microsoft Office.
Various CMS.
Quick learner, adaptable by nature.

Please contact me for my current Resumé or find me on LinkedIn